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Project Concrete is well equipped and trained to provide stunning honed concrete surfaces throughout Perth.

Honing concrete gives the surface a smooth, low-maintenance, matte finish. This is achieved through abrasive diamond grinding in a progressive manner. Honing can be used to simply clean and level the surface latency, or taken further, to expose aggregates. 

The term hone refers to refining or perfecting something over time. As with many things in life, achieving perfection takes time. The passion we have for decorative concrete has helped us to hone our skills. Trust project concrete to provide the very best honed concrete in Perth.


A concrete floor that has been honed correctly is the ideal surface for many scenarios. For instance, it would not look out of place in an internal living space, around a pool, alfresco or even in a commercial showroom setting. Whether it be internal or external honed concrete, Project Concrete will provide great service and exceptional finished surfaces.

Once the concrete has been honed to the desired finish, a sealer should be applied. This helps to protect the finished floor from staining and water ingress. Choosing the correct sealer for the correct application is vital. Not only from an aesthetic point of view, but a safety one. For example, selecting a topical, high build gloss sealer for external walk-ways, can pose a slip risk when wet.

Honed concrete surfaces are perfect flooring options for internal and external areas, providing stylish looks with many great benefits. These benefits include: smooth seamless flooring, low maintenance surfaces, ecologically friendly, very durable, allergen free, light enhancing and energy efficiency.

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