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Project Concrete provides decorative concrete solutions throughout Perth, WA. Concrete serves a purpose as an integral part of most structures. Decorative concrete is the use of concrete, not only for function in construction but as an aesthetic enhancement to a structure. This can be achieved both internally and externally, on floors, walls, patios and driveways.

Western Australia is buzzing with excitement over this form of artistic influence. With architects and interior designers not only applying this to their commercial projects but bringing it to the home. As more people discover the wide range of design possibilities, decorative concrete is fast building a positive reputation, gaining ground on the more traditional flooring systems such as tile, timber, carpet and vinyl.

Project Concrete has a wide range of decorative concrete services on offer, find your floor below or contact us to arrange a free, no obligation quotation.

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Exposed Aggregate concrete is the perfect surface solution for exterior settings. Choose from an almost endless amount of design options, to complement any architectural colour pallet. For this reason, exposed aggregate concrete will provide a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing addition to any property.

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Honed concrete is the ideal surface for many scenarios. It’s seamless, smooth finish would compliment an internal living space, pool surround, alfresco area and can also be used to brighten a commercial showroom setting. Whether it be internal or external honed concrete, Project Concrete will provide great service and exceptional honed concrete.

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Polished Concrete is sophistication in concrete, achieved through multiple stages of progressive polishing. Thus, providing an extremely hard wearing, light enhancing surface. Project Concrete provides polished concrete services, for new and existing concrete. Talk with us today to see how polished concrete can be utilised in your next project.

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Cement based overlay systems can provide stunning effects. They are usually used when the current concrete is not at a good enough standard to achieve a decorative appearance. Furthermore, overlay systems provide the opportunity to pick and choose from a wide selection of base colours and/or aggregates. Talk with us today to learn more about cement overlay systems.

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Concrete is inexpensive when compared to other flooring systems, in terms of lifespan, durability and maintenance. While offering an almost unlimited range of texture, colour and design options. No two concrete surfaces are the same, providing a completely individual addition to any premise.

There are many methods used to enhance the visual elements of concrete, these can either be achieved during the pouring process or after the concrete is cured. The solutions Project Concrete provide will ensure a variety of quality finishes, ranging from polished concrete, honed concrete, decorative overlay systems, stamped concrete, staining and a variety of epoxy resin coatings.