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Project Concrete provide superior concrete preparation in Perth. It’s no secret that “preparation is the key to success” Alexander Graham Bell.  Therefore, preparing concrete is a vital process in achieving a high quality floor of any kind. Thankfully, we prepared concrete to the highest standard.

Concrete preparation is used to remove contamination from a surface. In addition, concrete cutting is utilised to help prepare concrete. Alternatively, an uneven surface can be prepared using a levelling compound.

We are obsessed with concrete, focusing on keeping our customers happy and doing the job right the first time. In short, choose Project Concrete to ensure your finished floor has the best possible chance of meeting the quality you deserve.

Project Concrete has a wide range of concrete preparation services on offer, contact us to arrange a free, no obligation quotation.

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Concrete grinding is a fast, cost effective way of preparing a concrete surface. Project Concrete provide great customer service and achieve the best possible results. Due to our vast experience and passion for concrete, we are able to offer fast and affordable concrete grinding.

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Cutting concrete can be a dangerous task, trust Project Concrete to provide safe and effective concrete cutting for your next project. For example, we can use concrete cutting to provide clean control join. Alternatively, cutting is used to remove concrete. Of course, our forward thinking team will provide superior results.

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Concrete Preparation Perth


Typically, we level a surface prior to installing a floor or coating system. Project Concrete only use the very best self-levelling cement products, rated for commercial and industrial settings. This ensures a superior finish and creates a long lasting concrete levelling solution.

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