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Concrete coating is the term given to the application of a liquid or semi-liquid covering over cured concrete. This is done to provide protection, lower maintenance costs, increase safety and can also add to the decorative nature of a concrete surface, trust project concrete to provide the very best concrete coating in Perth.

When it comes to coating concrete there are a few very important factors to consider. Firstly, preparing the substrate correctly will aid in adhesion and provide a longer lasting coating. Secondly, specifying the correct coating for the intended use of the floor. Furthermore, selecting a skilled installer that follows the correct guidelines during application.

Project concrete are passionate about concrete and have years of experience in the specification and installation of concrete floor coatings. We provide a comprehensive service and understand the importance of quality vs cost. We are able to handle any floor coating project, delivering quality surfaces that last.

Project Concrete has a wide range of concrete coating services on offer, find yours below or contact us to arrange a free, no obligation quotation.

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Exposed Aggregate concrete is the perfect surface solution for exterior settings. Choose from an almost endless amount of design options, to complement any architectural colour pallet. For this reason, exposed aggregate concrete will provide a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing addition to any property.

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Concrete Coating - Clear


Clear sealers and coatings are perfect for enhancing the natural beauty of concrete. There are many types of clear coatings, each with particular strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the correct coating to use is important and will provide a longer lasting finish. We offer our clients a range of finishes including matte, satin or gloss. Furthermore we are able to modify slip-rating to ensure higher levels of safety.

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Concrete Coating - Penetrating


Penetrating sealers are used to significantly reduce the absorption rate or porosity of concrete. Typically penetrating sealers are used in the process of polishing concrete. As they penetrate into the concrete and react within, there is no coating film over the concrete. Thus, the finished surface is the concrete itself, resulting in a very hard finish. Sealers that penetrate can also be used on any other concrete surface to reduce dusting and staining.

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Concrete Coating - Non-Slip


Protecting a concrete surface is one thing, but protecting yourself and others from injury is far more important. In certain settings, having a system with slip reduction build into the floor will ensure due-diligence. For instance, in areas where high volumes of water are present, such as commercial kitchens or around swimming pools, steps should be taken to reduce the slip risk.

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Concrete coatings have come a long way in recent years, with decorative options widely available from many of the worlds largest and most trusted manufactures. There are some amazing effects that can be achieved through adding additional materials into a resin flooring system. Such as, coloured flakes, marble veins, metallic pigments and even coloured quartz. These layered systems not only look fantastic to look at, but will provide long lasting protection against wear and tear and chemical spills.

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